Do It A Cappella – There’s a new quartet in town!

Slow No Tempo a cappella quartet from left to right Simon Walter, Ryan Noakes, Graham Speech, and Alexander Bell

If you’ve met me, you’ll know I LOVE singing! Especially in an a cappella quartet. And so I’m very happy to announce that Kamloops has a new quartet!
We officially formed in September, but have only just picked a name for ourselves: Slow No Tempo. Now that we have an identity, I can announce the group.

The quartet consists of myself (obviously), Alex Bell, Graham Specht, and Simon Walter. Our inaugural showcase to the world (well ok, maybe just to Kamloops) will be delivering Singing Valentines. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I’ve been without an a cappella group for far too many years, and am absolutely thrilled to be back in the saddle. Slow No Tempo has already established a good sound as a group, and with our wide range of musical interests and compatible personalities, this is going to be a very fulfilling endeavour, with some truly wonderful variety in song selections and some great potential for humour in our performances. (If you remember my old quartet SARV, [the group Alex and I sang in back in 1999-2002], think similar mixture of high-quality singing with ridiculous humour) The name Slow No Tempo itself came out of one of the many moments of levity we have in rehearsals.

The beginning of any group is always an exciting time, and I look forward to many years of music making with these wonderful gentlemen.

*UPDATE* here is a photo of the quartet. We’ll be delivering Singing Valentines throughout Kamloops from 9am-9pm on February 14.

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