Videos of performances are found here.  It’s a small list as of now but it will grow in the future.
To see videos of the score following along with the recording of a performance, go to Ryan’s YouTube Channel.

Appliance Speak for mezzo soprano and piano.

Performed by Lynn McMurty, mezzo soprano; and Alison d’Amato, piano; at the VISI Art Song Lab concert Playing With Fire, June of 2012.

Appliance Speak for chamber ensemble

Orchestrated for and performed by the Erato Ensemble, William George, tenor; Catherine Laub, soprano; Jeff Pelletier, flute; Stefan Hintersteininger, cello; Michael Park, piano; Julie Begg, clarinet; Julia Nolan, saxophone; Adrian Verdejo, guitar; Lauris Davis, oboe.

Appliance Speak was a Festival Award recipient at the 2014 Boston International Contempo Festival Composers’ Contest 

 No Contest for SATB Choir, 2 Saxophones and Moog Synthesizer

Commissioned and performed by the Laudate Singers, cond. Lars Kaario, with Campbell Ryga & Ross Taggart, saxophones; and Tim Tsang, Moog Synthesizer.

 In performance with Vox Tactum

Performing Aura Pon’s Intertwine for iPhone choir at Vancouver Pro Musica’s 2012 Sonic Boom festival
Vox Tactum is Martin Ritter, Johnty Wang, Naithan Bosse, and Ryan Noakes, L-R.