A New Choral Work To Celebrate The End Of COVID

A few people have heard me muse about this before, but I think the time has come for me to spread this far and wide. I want see a giant mass choir concert to celebrate when COVID is over and we can actually have activities like giant mass choir concerts again. And I want to write a new piece for this event, but I need the help of Kamloops choir singers.

As many, many others have, I devised a nerdy means of using COVID 19 as a pitch generator. It just needs a text, and this is where the Kamloops choir scene comes in to play. The piece is going to be in 2 sections/chunks/bits/parts/movements/whatever-I-end-up-calling-it. First, the darkness of the pandemic effectively shutting down choir singing (along with many other things. Second, the glorious return of the light (aka choirs coming back to singing).

What am I looking for?

What I’m looking for is local choir singers to write two things. 1) A short text describing how the pandemic shutting everything down affected them. 2) A short text detailing what singing in choir means to them. These can be written in point form, rhyming couplets, sonnets, prose, whatever. The only restriction is length: No more than 100 words. (I’m optimistically assuming I’ll get A LOT submissions and don’t want to have this turn into a 30 minute work.)

How to send in your texts

Now, hopefully at this point you’re asking yourself “How do I send you my texts?” Well, just click the button down below which will take you to a page with a form you can fill out.


Thank you to everyone who submitted something for this project. I’m compiling everything together and starting to figure out what the text is going to be. Once that’s done, the actual fun part begins: composing the piece!

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