Post-COVID Choir Project

Hello, and welcome. This page is for Kamloops choir singers to submit their texts for the piece I am writing for when we can all get together again and sing. There are two parts to the piece; descriptions of how the pandemic shutting down choir singing has affected us, and describing what singing in choir means to us.

This page provides you with an anonymous method of submitting your text(s) to me. Obviously for balance it would be ideal for everyone to submit one of each, but if you only have something to say about one or the other that is perfectly acceptable.

The texts can be in any format: point form, rhyming couplets, sonnets, prose, whatever works best for you. The only restriction is length, with a maximum word count of 100 words each. (I’m optimistically hoping for a lot of submissions and don’t want this to be a 30 minute work)

The deadline for submitting your text(s) to me is Tuesday, November 30.
Thank you for helping me create this new work!