Ryan Noakes – Audio Recording Engineer

screen shot of waveforms from a digital audio editing program

In addition to being an active composer and performing musician, Ryan also works as a freelance audio recording engineer.  During his undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria he studied recording techniques with Kirk McNally. Ryan has subsequently been a recording technician for the School of Music at both UVIC and UBC.  This has provided him with a great deal of experience working with solo musicians up to a full-sized orchestra, and everything in between.

Presently Ryan is working as a mobile audio recording engineer, specializing in producing “on site” recordings of classical and new music ensembles; both archival recordings of live concerts and sessions for commercial recordings or auditions.  He is also able to create a simple DVD video (only 1 camera) of auditions or performances.

Recent recording project highlights include:

  • Recorded, edited, and mixed incidental music for an audio play composed by Dorothy Chang as part of the “Radio Free Stein: Sonic Stagings of Gertrude Stein” project
  • Recorded, edited, and mixed a CD of trombone works for Redshift Music Society titled “Ziggurat” in collaboration with Brian Garbet
  • Archival recordings of concerts for a variety of ensembles and solo performers
  • Audition Recordings
  • Archival recordings of concerts presented by Vancouver Pro Musica throughout several seasons

If you require a recording engineer, Contact Ryan for further information.