A cloud moves through the sky

Instrumentation: SATB Chorus
Year Composed: 2007

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This piece was inspired when both the poet and I happened to look up during one hot summer’s day while working outside (in two completely different locations) to see a single white cloud drifting through the sky, prompting us both to independently think to ourselves, “I should write something about a cloud.” Upon hearing that I too had shared this same “epiphany moment,” the poet quickly supplied me with this short poem. Because a cloud is an atmospheric phenomenon, this is an atmospheric piece – no single voice part in the choir has the melody, but rather it is the changing chords sung by the choir as a whole that creates the melody.

Text by Alexander Forrest

A cloud moves through the sky;
A small cloud in the vast sky
Soft and white against the bright blue.
A cloud moves through the sky;
Floats high above.
A single cloud in the sky,
Gently drifting through the air.
A cloud moves through the sky.

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