Inebriated Refrigeration Magnetics

Instrumentation: SATB/SSAA/TTBB Chorus
Year Composed: 2009-ongoing

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This collection of short choral works is all based on settings of texts created via fridge magnet poetry, mostly by people at house parties who had consumed a fair amount of alcohol, hence the title “Inebriated Refrigeration Magnetics”.

Each text fragment is listed below.
***Please note, if you are a member of the Grammar Police, do not read this unless you can manage to contain your frustration and rage at the absolute lack of any attempt at proper language skills and are able to see that is part of the fun of the texts.***

  1. I love you whether I say black heart, or a bug ugly.  You, my heart, your tongue are flushed.  I haven’t stained the lips, but now I’m pretty damn on.
  2. Darling, when this heart was the only oil of life, I knew every tomorrow I’d be kissing the reason I got a bypass.
  3. You tore out my heart and all my life I wouldn’t ran off with your biscuits.
  4. Get your buns all raised mama, Miss Nickels love the bed in the oven.
  5. If acting single ain’t bad, why won’t she take her flat sucker and win?  Can I?
  6. I’m afraid I’d gone from goodbye to the windshield honeymoon; Don’t ever marry you, it’s hell.
  7. Bone house snowball experiment
  8. Hunger lingers
    Like black dead ice
  9. One wheel down
    Take care of business
  10. Psychedelics
    And purple squeaky clouds
  11. Thanks for the greasy chisel
    The cat like to crunch in it
  12. Aesthetic sculptures
    Plumply indulge thirst
  13. Autumn
    One stone can’t scultpt the night
  14. A monument saved
    Nude blossom
    See mushroom girl
    Who is your judge
    Bitter stew at all she wrote
  15. Will on line
    On a time
    Nine in the day
    There is no I in lining
  16. You create the impression that’s a cheap suit model
  17. Don’t eat the wrong tree
    Nibble a piece of cake hot
  18. Ask the cake
    Make which said
    It clear as red fried clam
  19. A gift horse
    Investigate the heads up scream
  20. Morning hunger
    Breath’s approaching
    We’ve got to swallow
    Beer sausage bloom
    Or cat bottom studio
    Of evening
  21. My soup will always be wild
  22. She nibbles sooth grapefruits
  23. Behind you a deliciously happy muffin smiles
  24. Milk the tuna taco
    With fresh night juice